Saturday, September 1, 2007

What's in a (pen) name?

A bit of anonymity felt right just starting out - and I liked the idea of a pen name. I thought it would make me feel freer to speak my mind and I've been going through a bit of a metamorphosis anyway lately - so, why not?

I got the idea when I googled my name. Among the hits I found a stuntwoman, a competitive motorcyclist, the victim of a brutal murder, a woman that had murdered her husband, an author of Christian women's books, a flip-flop designer and a wedding photographer. . . .just to name a few.

What I didn't find was me! Maybe I was there if I'd looked back far enough, but by then I'd already started playing with the letters in my name and met Dena Braves. She sort of grew on me and, best of all, she was unknown to Google before I made her up! I haven't gotten much work done this week, but I'm having a great time!

Have you googled your name? Who did you find?


NeoAuteur said...

Nice blog. I enjoyed reading your posts.

Shikha said...

Hey reaaly enjoyed your blog....good job keep going!!!!

Margham said...

Good commentary on pen names.

It's the same approach a friend of
mine took - Sara Callman - not so much for herself (she's ready to "go public!"), but to protect the "innocent and the guilty" in her forthcoming book.

It's a true story of trials, tribulations, and ultimate triumph - of death and devastation, but ultimate survival by a truly remarkable woman. A woman who had everything - beauty, brains, high-level career, acclaim, home -

and lost it all due to a "Jekyl-Hyde" husband... Intense true drama!

The marriage that began in premature death was filled with threats of death and ended in premature death...

I've read the first manuscript and look for the book to be out next year. So your "About Me" caught my eye - "More than a little surprised to still be alive and currently engaged in a mid-life correction..."

My friend is writing her true story to help other women avoid a problem, get out of a problem, survive a problem ... yet entertain in a real-life Hitcockesque fashion while giving HOPE ... and a postnote with resources. I love it!

Can't share final title yet - but subtitle will probably be something apt such as "Beauty and the Beast Revisited." Look for it and tell your women friends. (Probably out within the year.)

Her PEN NAME? Sara Callman

Too many real people and authors with her first considered pen names - Sara Benson and Sara Benton - and "Sara" was a must! Didn't want confusion with other authors.

Meaning: Princess

What's the real meaning of "Princess?"

A true princess has an arduous, long, lonely, and dangerous period of preparation. There are those who want her dead, jealousy, false rumors, people wanting to take advantage, using her and abusing her kindnesses ...

A true princess must endure much hardship that is hidden from the public eye until the long-awaited day she can emerge with poise, dignity, wisdom as a true queen.

And there's always a focus on responsibility ... Duty to others ... self-sacrifice ... commitment ... Her life is never her own. Quite apt.

Look for Sara Callman!

Thanks, Dena Braves.

Rose Connors said...

I think if I google my name I find a Harlequin heroine. My pseudonym only actually provided anonymity for about a year before I let people find out about me, but I still like having one.